M & J Partials


Taking a good impression and minding the details helps us all deliver a better dental prosthetic to the patient.

Take the extra time now so that you can save time in the long run!

At M & J Partials, we can only make each dental prosthetic to fit precisely to the model you send; if the impression details aren’t accurate, that means the dental prosthetic we deliver to you will not fit correctly in the patient’s mouth.

We cannot express enough that the need for an accurate impression is vital to ensure that our team has an accurate working model, which enables us to create a quality prosthesis and eliminating the possibility of a remake. A well-done impression is one in which all land areas are captured and there are no distortions.

Consider the true costs of retakes and remakes. Their true cost is calculated not only in the materials used, but also in the extra time involved. Retakes due to inadequate impressions and models are not simply inconveniences; they are also drains on your practice and our lab, requiring both materials and time, and affecting the patient’s perception of the dentist and your practice. Clearly, instead of being forced to adjust one’s schedule and make time for retakes, getting an impression right the first time is worth using quality materials and paying close attention to the techniques employed. If a bad impression makes it to the lab, even more time is wasted as the patient is usually recalled to take yet another impression. It’s just wasted time and money all around. Don’t forget to inspect your impression. This is an essential step in saving time, money and heartache — for you, the lab and the patient. So remember: 

  • Check your impressions carefully before they are poured up in stone. Take the extra seconds and get it right the first time.
  • If you’re unsure about the accuracy of your impression, take another one while the patient is still in the chair.
  • Always review your models for accuracy before you send them to the lab.