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Our ​Shipping Address

M & J Partials

 Your case needs to be there when you need it, we consider your location and will always use the most effective shipping source available to make sure it is. We use several shipping sources including Fed Ex, UPS, and US Postal Service.

When preparing a lab case for shipping, please follow these instructions:

Complete the lab prescription

  • Patient's name
  • Due date (we recommend eight business days after the day your case is sent out)
  • Lab instructions, appointment date, material, shade, tooth number, and any other specific instructions

Pack case box

  • All models should be wrapped separately in either a polyfoam bag or a sheet of bubble wrap. Please clearly identify all models with the patient's name.
  • Place the wrapped models within the shipping box with extra wrapping surrounding them to prevent any movement of the models inside the box during shipping. Keep models well separated. Broken or chipped models must be returned to your office, resulting in delays for both you and your patients in the fabrication of your cases.
  • If shipping multiple cases in one box, please be sure to separate and identify cases

Seal box securely and ship your case to us.